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    Palm Cut: hybrid cut and double wrapped thump plus side wrap for extreme comfort.

    Palm: 3.5 mm Elite control SSW latex, 4 mm backing foam, 5 mm durable GSB latex.

    Backhand: 3 mm reinforced backing foam on the shockzone. High-tech AVM fabric, reducing sweating and slipping.

    Wrist Clousure: 10 cm elastic wristband 360 degree. 9 cm wide latex wrist strap, rubber pull tab to secure the wrist strap.

    Sizes: Available is sizes 7-11.

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    Palm cut: flat palm with wrapped thumb. Backhand: 4 mm durable SS latex + 4 mm reinforced back foam on Shock Zone + Air Ventilation Management AVM fabric. Finger support: 5 removable finger ridges for extra finger support. Wrist closure: 10 cm wide elastic wrist strap and 360-degree, 9 cm wide latex wrist strap.