Size Guide

The Elite Sport size guide

This guide will help you measure and decided what is the right glove size for your hand or your child’s hand.
This is very important that you will find the correct size before you purchase your first goalkeeper’s gloves or in case you want to be sure about your size.
Purchasing a goalkeepers glove that is too big for your hand can cause you to have less control and less confidence with the ball and if your goalkeepers gloves are too tight, this can put a great amount of stress onto the materials and your hand and will wear the palm of the gloves quicker.
Please note: that models that are “negative”, “hybrid” and “speed” cuts tend to be tighter and models that are “flat palm” and “roll finger” offer more a looser-fitting glove.
To determine your size, measure the width of the dominant hand as explained in the picture and use the charts below to find your correct size.

How to measure?

Measure the width of your hand just below the knuckles in CM (Centimeters) with a measuring tape. If you fall between sizes, round up to a larger size. We advise that adding 2MM (0.2CM) to your measurement (for purposes of caution) in order to allow for a little bit more room in your glove.

Please note: some size guides will ask you to measure from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. We do not recommend using this method because the size of the glove is measured by its width.

What is your fitting preference?

Do you have a specific preference as to how you like your gloves to fit? If so, you might decide to go up or down 1 size. we will explain why.

Go down 1 size for the “tight-fit”

Some goalkeepers like to use very tight-fitting gloves to make their hands feel compact and strong. Just be warned that very tight gloves put greater stress on the materials of the palm and the backhand that may lead to premature wear or even splits on the grip.

Go up 1 size for the “loose-fit”

Other goalkeepers like to have some extra space around their hands/fingers, for easy movement and extra comfort. The downside to loose-fitting gloves is that they might weaken your grip on the ball. Remember that gloves work on friction.